The Liturgy and the Shout

by Renovatus Worship

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We will embrace the Liturgy and the Shout
-We incite worship that engages both intellect and emotion, believing that the head and heart are to be integrated and not divorced.

We will embrace every season of the soul
-We will explore a vocabulary of joy, pain, awe, doubt, love and every human emotion in our worship. We will rejoice with those who rejoice and we will weep with those who weep.

We serve
-We believe that our creative gifts are one of many ways to serve the body of Christ. We do not seek to build our own kingdoms, but the kingdom of God

We ARE your grandmother's church.
-And your great-grandmother's church. And your great-great-grandmother's church. We embrace continuity with the Church’s past in the form of hymns and ancient song. We seek intergenerational and cultural diversity. We are a local representation of a timeless community.

We will build Altars
-We collect and and sing our own stories, celebrating and honoring the people, places and things God chooses to use. Our songs are markers and reminders of God's weaving hand in the story of Renovatus.


released November 3, 2012

Dan Cava - bass
Chad Davis - vocals, wurlitzer
Kevin Deshields - vocals, guitar, synths
Sarah Deshields - vocals, guitar, marimba, vibraphone, banjo,
wurlitzer, harmonium
Melissa Harper - vocals
Andy Kurzweg - pedal steel
Cody Morgan - mandolin
Stephen Morrison - guitars, synths, vocals
John Schroter - organ, synths
Jeremy Rychard Snyder - drums, orchestral arrangements, guitar,
synths, vocals, accordion, marimba, vibraphone
Josh Spence - vocals
Paul Stanfield - vocals, guitar
Sarah Stephens - cello
Meredith Tolentino - vocals

gang vocals/choir - Paul Stanfield, Paul Wright, Kevin Deshields,
Sarah Deshields, Seth Dresser, Laura Kuhn, Eli Renner, Erin Dalton,
Kevin Dudley

assistant engineer - Grant Harding
Produced and recorded by - Jeremy Rychard Snyder

Album artwork by Jake Page
CD layout design by Mat Rogers


all rights reserved



Renovatus Worship Charlotte, North Carolina

Renovatus Worship is comprised of worshippers at Renovatus Church in Charlotte, NC. We are a church for liars, dreamers and misfits, under God's renovation. We build altars for the people of God through song, and this is our story.

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Track Name: Renovate Us
Calling daughters and sons, you beautiful ones draw near
And join in a song about how we have journeyed here
With celebrations of generations gone by
And new pictures of love, drawn in the blood of a Son

As we walk we walk in light, God Himself He is the light
We’ll share life together
With perfect love that shatters fear, the darkest days will be made clear
And we’ll share life together

We all have a story, a messy tale marked by grace
Full of anticipation for the coming salvation
We’re a house full of mercy, a body that’s bursting with love
We speak for the unspoken, and we pull for the broken ones

We’ve traveled through deserts, Survived by His grace
we’ve kept souvenirs,to commemorate
All the times that he washed the tears from our faces
showed us new places to help renovate us

So build up your altars, call down the fire, rejoice as the flames reach higher
So build up your altars, call down the fire, rise up
So build up your altars, call down the fire, rejoice as the flames reach higher
So build up your altars, call down the fire, rise up all you dreamers,
misfits, and liars

All you Children of God, open up wide your hands
We’re a rejoicing nation, under His renovation
So lift up your voice, make a joyful noise, just sing
Offer up all your praises, to the one who has saved us, sing
Track Name: His Love
The blood of a lion is flowing from Zion
Coursing through the veins opened for all
Come and drink from the ocean of grace
Stand on a hill where a battle took place

His love conquers all
His love is holding me

Where victory was won and the shackles undone
Held by three nails and the sins of all
Love was hung between earth and sky
Debts were paid. Death denied.

Gather all the kings and the hearts without wings
Sell all your horses, lay down your guns
Come and believe and cast down your fear
For gravity is the only thing holding you here

Open your chest, leave all the rest
Stand in the sea oh daughters and sons
Drink deeper and deeper the love of the Father
The Love of the Father
Track Name: Ye Nations
Ye nations round the earth, rejoice! before the Lord your sovereign King
Serve Him with cheerful heart and voice, With all your tongue His glory Sing
The Lord is God, 'tis He alone Doth life and breath and being give
We are His work and not our own, the sheep that on His pastures live.

Enter His gates with songs of joy, with praises to His courts repair
and make it your divine employ to pay your thanks and honors there
The Lord is good, the Lord is kind, great is His grace and mercy sure
and the whole race of man shall find His truth from age to age endure

Heʼs beautiful, Heʼs righteous, Heʼs Glorious
sing your praise!

Come and worship the King, Come and worship the King overall
Bring your best offering, pour it over the feet of the Lord
Track Name: Savior and King
Take my hands, have all of me
Take my feet and wash me clean
You alone can have my life
So I raise my hands and lift my voice as a sacrifice

You are my King, Let me life be an offering
You supply my every need, and to You I commit my life

You are my friend, and I'll never want again
You make my life complete, and with You I can find my way
My Savior my King
Track Name: The Land
Bring us to the edge of River Jordan
And take us to the walls of Jericho
moving towards all that You've promised
giving up the ghosts of our past

'Cause we are tired of living lives defeated
We take up our mats and walk away from Egypt

We build our monument, our Ebenezer
stones of hope to tell of all God has done
As generations pass they'll know our story
desert fire and smoke, His hand over us

So we will walk through the gates
This is the Land that You gave
We're singing out Your praise
Let Your Kingdom Reign

We'll walk in the land
We'll walk in the land
we'll walk in the land You gave
Track Name: Morning Star

Arise bright Morning Star, outstretch Your Mercy Arms
Receive for You what is rightly Yours
Your Bride whom You adore

Let incense fill the air, and rise to meet You here
The rapture of a daughterʼs love
Receive in song and prayer


Be blessed almighty King, Heaven and Earth doth sing
How glorious our Lord of Hosts
Arrayed in Majesty

Track Name: Psalm 51
You know my heart is dark within
I need to be cleansed from my sin
Expose me, wash me, Lord
Make me transparent

Let me hear joy in sacrifice
A broken spirit You require
To be restored and made new
Nothing else but this will do for You
Oh Lord

Let these bones that You have broken rejoice!

Now fully surrendered, Lord, to You
You open my lips to praise You
For Your unfailing love and Your compassion
Restore to me the joy of Your salvation
Oh Lord
Track Name: Burning Coal
I was walkin' in the Carolina soil
Diggin' my toes into the earth
Watchin' the river snaking by
and there my soul was satisfied

The dragon flies were buzzing through the air
echoing the Maker's grand design
I sat at the base of that old hollow tree
and listened to Creation's melody

And the glory of the Lord filled the temple
The brightness of His glory lingered there
The sound of angels' wings rumbled through the earth
The voice of God Almighty thundered there

The angel took the coal from the altar
He placed that burnin' cinder 'pon my mouth
He said, "Your guilt is done and your sins forgiven"
I will rejoice in this redemption song

When the rain came pouring down
My soul soaked up the sound
Up from the ground sprung everlasting water
And there my soul was satisfied
Track Name: Communion Song
Sacramental love, borne of fruit and grain
Act of ages past, this we do again
Shadow of the feast, that is and has not been
We crucify ourselves, that we may call you kin

This mouth will taste, these lips will sing
Of all our loss to gain a king
Our fellowship forged in the flood.
We eat your flesh we drink your blood.

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